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BANDELIER, băn-dĕ-lēr, Adolph Francis Alphonse, American archæologist: b. Berne, 6 Aug. 1840; d. Madrid, 19 March 1914. Settled early in the United States, where he did important work under the direction of the Archæological Institute of America. His studies were chiefly among the Indians of New Mexico and Arizona, Central America, South America and Mexico. Returning to New York in 1903 he was engaged for the remainder of his life in preparation of works on the history and archæology of Spanish America. He is also the author of ‘Art of War and Mode of Warfare’ (1877); ‘Social Organization and Government of Ancient Mexicans’ (1878); ‘Tenure of Lands and Inheritances of Ancient Mexicans’ (1878); ‘An Archaeological Tour into Mexico’ (1885); a novel of Pueblo Indian life ‘The Delight Makers’; ‘The Gilded Man and Other Pictures of the Spanish Occupancy of America’ (1893). He contributed over 60 articles to the ‘Catholic Encyclopedia,’ etc.