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Edition of 1920. See also Karl Becker (painter) on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BECKER, Karl Ludwig Friedrich, German painter: b. Berlin, 18 Dec. 1820; d. there, 20 Dec. 1900. His early training was gained in Rome, Paris and Venice, where he studied under such masters as Von Klöber and Hess. His first original works were historical and mythological, though in his later paintings it is obvious that he was strongly influenced by the Venetian Renaissance. Among his notable works are ‘Belisarius Begging’ (1850), the frescoes in the Berlin Museum; ‘The Doge in Council’ (1864); ‘Charles V Visiting Titian’ (1873); ‘In the Picture Gallery’ (1874); ‘Emperor Maximilian Receiving a Venetian Embassy’ (1877).