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BECKETT, Arthur William, à, English journalist and novelist: b. Fulham, 25 Oct. 1844; d. London, 14 Jan. 1909. Besides fulfilling other journalistic engagements he was on the staff of Punch 1874-1902, edited the Sunday Times 1891-95, and the Naval and Military Magazine 1896. In addition to several comedies he published ‘Comic Guide to the Royal Academy,’ with his brother Gilbert (1863-64); ‘Fallen Amongst Thieves’ (1869); ‘Our Holiday in the Highlands’ (1874); ‘The Shadow Witness’ and ‘The Doom of Saint Quirec,’ with Burnand (1875-76); ‘The Ghost of Grimstone Grange’ (1877); ‘The Mystery of Mostyn Manor’ (1878); ‘Traded Out’; ‘Hard Luck’; ‘Stone Broke’; ‘Papers from Pump Handle Court, by a Briefless Barrister’ (1884); ‘Modern Arabian Nights’ (1885); ‘The Member for Wrottenborough’ (1895); ‘Greenroom Recollections’ (1896); ‘The Modern Adam’ (1899); ‘London at the End of the Century’ (1900).