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Edition of 1920. See also Arthur Elmore Bostwick on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BOSTWICK, Arthur Elmore, American librarian and author: b. Litchfield, Conn., 8 March 1860. A student of Yale University, he received his Ph.D. degree in 1883, and taught for a short time, before engaging in literary work on Appleton's ‘Cyclopedia of American Biography,’ Appleton's ‘Annual Cyclopedia,’ Funk & Wagnall's ‘Standard Dictionary’ and, with J. D. Champlin, edited a popular ‘Young Folks' Cyclopedia of Games and Sports’ (1890). He received the appointments of chief librarian New York Free Circulating Library in 1895; of the Brooklyn Public Library in 1899; of the circulation department of the reorganized New York Public Library in 1901; and of the Saint Louis Public Library in 1909 when he also became president of the American Library Institute. He is the author of ‘The American Public Library’ (1910); ‘The Different West, as seen by a Transplanted Easterner’ (1913); ‘Earmarks of Literature’ (1914); ‘The Making of an American Library’ (1915).