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BRANDT, Heinrich von, Prussian general and military author: b. Lakin, West Prussia, 1789; d. 1868. He studied law in Berlin, but joined the army in 1807; fought in the Spanish and Russian campaigns, and was wounded and captured by the Russians at the battle of Leipzig. He was made a member of the general staff of the Prussian army, took part in the Polish revolts of 1831 and 1848, and with the rank of general of infantry retired from the army in 1857. He had been elected a member of the Prussian Upper Chamber in 1849 and of the Erfurt Parliament in 1850. His fame is perpetuated by his books, chief of which are ‘Geschichte des Kriegswesens’ (Berlin 1830-35); ‘Grundzüge der Taktik der drei Waffen’ (1883); ‘Der kleine Krieg (2d ed, 1850). Consult his biography by his son, ‘Aus dem Leben des General Brandt’ (2 vols., Berlin 1882).