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Brueis d'Aigaïlliers, François Paul

Edition of 1920. See also François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BRUEIS, broo-ē's, or BRUYS D'AIGAÏLLIERS, François Paul, French admiral: b. Uzès, 11 Feb. 1753; d. 1 Aug. 1798. He entered the navy at an early age and gradually rose in the service. In 1798 he was employed to convey Bonaparte and his army, who were to effect the conquest of Egypt and the East, and having managed to elude the vigilance of Nelson, who had been long watching for him, reached the Bay of Abukir, and disembarked the troops in safety. Brueis moored his fleet in a position naturally so strong that he deemed it impregnable; but by the heroic daring of Nelson, he found the precautions which he had taken turned to his disadvantage. In the battle which ensued, he fell fighting boldly, a little before his ship, the Orient, of 100 guns, was destroyed. See Abukir.