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BRUNER, Lawrence, American entomologist: b. Catasaqua, Pa., 2 March 1856. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, he received an appointment as assistant on the United States Entomological Commission in 1880, and as field agent for the United States Department of Agriculture at the University of Nebraska in 1888, where he became instructor in entomology in 1890 and professor in 1895. In 1897-98 he traveled in Argentina as field agent again for the United States Department of Agriculture. His published writings include ‘The Destructive Locust of Argentina’ (2 reports 1898 and 1900); ‘Locusts of Paraguay’ (1906); ‘South American Tetrigidæ’ (1912), and in co-authorship a ‘New Elementary Agriculture’ (9th ed., 1911).