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BUSENBAUM, Hermann, German Jesuit: b. Notteln 1600; d. Münster, 31 Jan. 1668. He taught moral philosophy at Cologne and was rector of the Jesuit College at Münster. He is best known through his casuistical work, ‘Medulla Theologiæ Moralis, Facili ac Perspicua Methodo Resolvens Casus Conscientiæ,’ in which he treats of the principles of the Jesuit morals in a detailed and systematic manner. This book passed through 45 editions between 1645 and 1670, and has been reprinted in modern times. After Damiens' attempt to assassinate Louis XV of France, the charge was made that it had taught the Jesuits' approval of murder and regicide, it was therefore publicly condemned by the order and burned by the Parliament of Toulouse.