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CARNEGIE, Pa., borough in Allegheny County, five miles southwest of Pittsburgh, on the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint Louis, the Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny and the Wabash Pittsburgh railroads. It has a Carnegie library, an Elks' Home, a high school and a fine orphan asylum. It is the centre of a coal-mining region and has extensive steel works. There are also lead works and manufactures of granite ware and stoves. In 1914 there were 432 persons engaged in manufactures in 19 establishments, the salaries and wages amounted to $328,000, the capital invested amounted to $2,202,000, the value of the materials used was $902,000, and the value of the products amounted to $1,724,000. The borough was formed in 1894 by the consolidation of Chartiers and Mansfield. It is governed by a burgess, who is chosen for a term of three years, and a council. Pop. (1910) 10,009; (1914) 11,000.