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CARTER, James Coolidge, American lawyer: b. Lancaster, Mass., 14 Oct. 1827; d. New York, 14 Feb. 1905. He was educated at Harvard, and his admission to the bar took place in New York in 1853. He was counsel for the city of New York in the famous case of the people against William Tweed, and in 1875 was appointed a member of the commission to devise a system of municipal rule for the cities of the State of New York. In 1892, he shared as counsel in representing the claims of the United Slates to the Bering Sea tribunal. He published ‘The Proposed Codification of Our Common Law’ (1883); ‘The Provinces of the Written and the Unwritten Law’ (1889); ‘The Ideal and Actual Law’ (1890); ‘Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function’ (1907).