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Edition of 1920. See also the disclaimer.

CATTELL, Henry Ware, American pathologist: b. Harrisburg, Pa., 7 Oct. 1862. After studies at Lafayette College and at the universities of Leipzig, Pennsylvania and Freiburg (Baden), he was appointed demonstrator of morbid anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania 1892-97, and director of the Ayer Chemical Laboratory in the Pennsylvania hospital. He was consulting pathologist to numerous Philadelphia hospitals and professional expert in several criminal cases. Besides editing the International Medical Magazine (1894-97); International Clinics (1900-03) and again after 1910; Medical Notes and Queries (after 1905); ‘Lippincott's Medical Dictionary’ (1910; 3d ed., 1913), he translated Ziegler's ‘Special Pathological Anatomy’ (1899-97). His published works include ‘Notes on Demonstrations in Morbid Anatomy’ (1899-1901); ‘Post Mortem Pathology’ (1903; 3d ed, 1906); ‘606’ (1910).