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CHADWICK, John White, American writer and Unitarian clergyman: b. Marblehead, Mass., 19 Oct. 1840; d. Brooklyn, N.Y., 11 Dec. 1904. His radical sermons attracted attention, and he was a liberal contributor to current literature. From 1864 till his death he was pastor of the Second Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, N. Y. Among his works are ‘A Book of Poems’ (1875); ‘The Bible of To-day’ (1878); ‘Origin and Destiny’ (1883); ‘A Daring Faith’ (1885); ‘The Man Jesus’; ‘The Faith of Reason’; ‘Old and New Unitarian Belief’; ‘The Power of an Endless Life’; ‘The Revolution of God’; ‘Theodore Parker, Preacher and Reformer’ (1900); ‘George William Curtis’; ‘Later Poems’ (1905).