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CHAMINADE, shä-mē-näd, Cécile Louise Stéphanie French composer: b. Paris, 8 Aug. 1861. She studied at Paris under Le Coupey, Savard, Marsick and Benejamin Godard; soon acquired a high reputation as a pianist, and played at concerts in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London, Constantinople and other cities. She visited the United States in 1908 and made a successful tour, but has not maintained her hold on the public. She has resided in England for a number of years. Her compositions, which are widely known, include ‘Callirhoë,’ a ballet symphony performed with great success at Marseilles (1888), Lyons (1889), and Bordeaux (1901); ‘Les Amazones’; ‘Ménétriers’; ‘Au Matin’; and a number of songs, among which are ‘Madrigal’; ‘Chanson Slave’; ‘Ritournelle’; ‘Fleur de Matin’; and ‘Sans Amour.’ She has also written a concertstuck for piano and orchestra, two trios and a large number of works for piano solo, piano and violin, etc.