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CHAMPLIN, John Denison, American author: b. Stonington, Conn., 29 Jan. 1834; d. 8 Jan. 1915. He was graduated at Yale in 1856, and admitted to the bar in 1859. In 1864 he became associate editor of the Standard at Bridgeport, Conn. He afterward published The Sentinel (1865-69) at Litchfield, Conn. He devoted himself entirely to literature from 1869, and became associate editor of the ‘American Encyclopædia’ (1875). Author ‘Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Common Things’ (1879); ‘Young Folks' Catechism of Common Things’ (1880, 1906); ‘Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Poems and Places’ (1880, 1899, 1911); ‘Young Folks' Astronomy’ (1881); ‘Young Folks' History of War for the Union’ (1881); ‘The Chronicle of the Coach’ (1886): ‘Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Games and Sports’ (with Arthur E. Bostwick, 1890); ‘Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Literature and Art’ (1901); ‘Young Folks' Cyclopædia of Natural History’ (1905); ‘The Tragedy of Anne Hutchinson’ (1911). Editor ‘Fox's Mission to Russia’ (1873); ‘Cyclopædia of Painters and Paintings’ (1886-88); ‘Cyclopædia of Music and Musicians’ (1888-90); ‘Liber Scriptorum’ (1893). Associate editor ‘The American Cyclopædia’ (1873-77); ‘The Standard Dictionary’ (1892-94); ‘Orations, Addresses, and Speeches of Chauncey M. Depew’ (1910).