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CORY, Charles Barney, American naturalist: b. Boston, Mass., 31 Jan. 1857. He is a director in many important corporations, but best and most widely known as an expert vertebrate zoölogist. He is an honorary curator of the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, and Fellow of the Linnæan and Zoölogical societies of London, England. His published works include ‘A Naturalist in the Magdalen Islands’ (1878); ‘Birds of the Bahama Islands’ (1880); ‘Southern Rambles: Florida’ (1881); ‘The Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World’ (1883); ‘Birds of Haiti and San Domingo’ (1884-86); ‘Birds of Eastern North America’; ‘How to Know the Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America’; ‘How to Know the Shore Birds of North America’; ‘The Birds of the West Indies’; ‘Key to the Water Birds of Florida’; ‘Key to the Birds of Eastern North America’; ‘Hunting and Fishing in Florida’; ‘Montezuma's Castle, and other Weird Tales’ (1899); ‘Dr. Wandermann’; ‘The Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin’ (1909); ‘Mammals of Illinois and Wisconsin’ (1912); ‘Description of Twenty-eight New Species and Subspecies of Neotropical Birds’ (1913).