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Edition of 1920. See also The Dalles, Oregon on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

DALLES, The, or DALLES CITY, Ore., county-seat of Wasco County; on the Oregon-Washington Railroad. It is about 30 miles northeast of Mount Hood, and on that portion of the Columbia River (on the Washington State boundary line) where the scenery is noted for grandeur. The Dalles contains Saint Mary's Academy, a Carnegie library and a hospital. It is situated in a sheep and cattle-raising country, hence its trade is largely in cattle and wool, live stock, grain and fruit. Fruits grow here in the Columbia Valley. Its chief industries are flour and grist milling and wool scouring, box factories, salmon and fruit canneries, lumber yards, machine shops, etc. A military post at Fort Dallas was established in 1838, and about the same time a mission was opened by the Methodist Church. The railroad station is known by the name of Dalles and the local name often used is Dalles City; but the name of the postoffice is The Dalles. It was incorporated in 1858. The government is administered by a mayor, elected annually, and a municipal council. The waterworks are owned by the city. Pop. 4,880.