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DIEFENBACH, dēf'fĕn-bäH, Johann Friedrich, German surgeon: b. Königsberg, 1 Feb. 1794; d. Berlin, 11 Nov. 1847. He was educated in theology, but from 1813-15 served as a volunteer in the war against Napoleon. Upon his return he devoted himself to the study of medicine, taking his degree at Würzburg in 1822. He soon became widely known as an operator; in 1830 became head surgeon in a Berlin hospital; in 1832 became a professor in the university; and in 1840 director of clinical surgery. He was distinguished as an operator, especially in the art of forming by transplantation new noses and lips. He wrote ‘Die Transfusion des Blutes und die Einspritzung der Arzneien in die Adern’ (1828); ‘Chirurgische Erfahrungen’ (4 vols., 1829-35); ‘Durchschneidung der Sehnen und Muskeln’ (1841); ‘Ueber das Schielen’ (1842); ‘Operative Chirurgie’ (1844-48).