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DIELMAN, Frederick, American painter: b. Hanover, Germany, 25 Dec. 1847. He removed to the United States in childhood, and was graduated at Calvert College. He was a topographer and draughtsman in the United States Engineer Department 1866-72; studied art under Wilhelm Diez at Munich, and established a studio in New York in 1876. He designed the mosaic panels, ‘Law and History’ in the Congressional Library at Washington, D. C., and was president of the National Academy of Design from 1899 to 1909. He was most successful as a genre painter. His best pictures are ‘The Patrician Lady’; ‘My Own Puss’; ‘Lunching’ and ‘The Young Gamblers.’ In 1903 Dielman became professor of drawing at the College of the City of New York and about the same time was made director of the art schools at Cooper Union, New York. He also assisted in promoting the Society of American Artists; was president of the Arts Federation of New York and an important figure in all art education and advancement.