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DIEPENBEECK, dē'pĕn-bäH, Abraham van, Flemish painter: b. Bois-le-Duc, 9 May 1596; d. Antwerp 1675. He first studied glass painting, and a number of windows in different churches in Antwerp are his work. Later he studied under Rubens. He made a journey to Italy and on his return to Antwerp in 1641 became director of the Academy. Among his paintings are ‘St. Norbert’; ‘Ecstasy of St. Bonaventura’; ‘St. Francis Adoring the Sacrament’; ‘Entombment of Christ’; ‘Neptune and Amphitrite’; and the ‘Flight of Clœlia.’ (There is some difference of opinion as to the authorship of these works, but they are generally ascribed to Diepenbeeck). He was engaged by Charles I and by the Duke of Newcastle to execute numerous drawings. He designed various tapestries and illustrations for books, among others 59 plates of a ‘Temple of the Muses’ (Paris 1655).