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DOREMUS, Charles Avery, American chemist: b. New York City, 6 Sept. 1851. He was graduated at the College of the City of New York in 1870 and took the degree of D.Ph. at the University of Heidelberg in 1873. In 1874-79 he was a member of the faculty of Bellevue Hospital Medical College; from 1879 to 1882 was professor of chemistry and toxicology at the University of Buffalo. In 1882-92 he was professor of chemistry at the American Veterinary College, New York, and from 1892 to 1904 was connected with the department of chemistry of the College of the City of New York. He is a patentee of a process for softening water, for a gas furnace, another for producing hydrofluoric acid, and for extracting alumina from clay and for the extraction of potash from feldspar. He is author of ‘Report on Photography, Vienna Exposition’ (1873); section on gaseous poisons in ‘Textbook of Legal Medicine and Toxicology’ (1903); and contributions to various scientfic journals.