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Edition of 1920. See also George Edward Ellis on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ELLIS, George Edward, American Unitarian clergyman and historical writer: b. Boston, Mass., 8 Aug. 1814; d. there, 20 Dec. 1894. He was pastor of the Harvard (Unitarian) Church, Charlestown, Mass. (1840-69); and held the professorship of systematic theology in the Cambridge Divinity School (1857-63). He was also a lecturer of Lowell Institute in 1864, 1871 and 1879, and was editor of the Christian Register and Christian Examiner. As president of the Massachusetts Historical Society he made valuable contributions to an early colonial history. He published ‘A Half-Century of the Unitarian Controversy’ (1857); ‘History of the Battle of Bunker's Hill’ (1875); ‘The Red Man and the White Man’ (1882); ‘The Puritan Age and Rule in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, 1629-85’; various memoirs, and several biographies in Sparks' ‘American Biography.’