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FARRAR, Edgar Howard, American lawyer: b. Concordia Parish, La., 20 June 1849. He was graduated at the University of Virginia in 1871 and studied law at the University of Louisiana, being admitted to the bar in 1872. In 1878-80 he was assistant corporation counsel and in 1880 corporation counsel of New Orleans. He was for years chairman of the Executive Committee of One Hundred to reform the municipal government of New Orleans. He was chairman of the committee of safety formed to prosecute the Mafia assassins of the chief of police and led the campaign which defeated the proposition to extend the charter of the Louisiana Lottery. He was one of the organizers of the National Democracy in 1896 and made a notable address on the money question at the Indianapolis Convention. In 1906-08 he was president of the Louisiana Tax Commission and in 1910-11 was president of the American Bar Association. In 1882 he was selected by Paul Tulane as one of the trustees of the fund exceeding $1,000,000 to found Tulane University.