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FERNOW, Bernhard Eduard, American scientist: b. Inowraclaw, Germany, 7 Jan. 1851. He was educated at the University of Königsberg and Academy of Forestry, Münden; removed to the United States in 1876 and engaged in metallurgical work; and was chief of the division of forestry in the United States Department of Agriculture in 1886-98. In the latter year he was made director and dean of the New York State College of Forestry at Cornell University until 1905. He then organized the faculty of forestry at State College, Pennsylvania. In 1907 he was called to the University of Toronto as dean of the newly created faculty of forestry. He became a member of the Commission of Conservation of Canada on its organization in 1910. He is the author of ‘The White Pine’ (1899); ‘Report upon Forestry Investigations of the United States Department of Agriculture 1877-98’ (1899); besides many other official reports and bulletins, and of three volumes, ‘Economics of Forestry’ (1902); ‘History of Forestry’ (1907) and ‘The Care of Trees’ (1911). He is publisher and editor of the only American professional journal of forestry, the Forestry Quarterly, since 1902.