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FLECKHEISEN, flek'hī-zen, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Alfred, German philologist and critic: b. Wolfenbüttel, 20 or 23 Sept. 1820; d. 7 Aug. 1899. He was educated at Helmstedt and at the University of Göttingen. He held several educational posts at Frankfort-on-the-Main and at Dresden, becoming in 1861 vice-principal of the Vitzthum'isches Gymnasium at Dresden. He is best known for his work on Plautus and Terence, in which Ritschl was his only equal. After 1855 he edited the department of classical philology of the Jahrbücher für philologie und Pädagogik. His works include ‘Exercitationes Plautinæ’ (1842); ‘Plauti Comœdiæ;’ (Vols. I and II, 1850-51); ‘P. Terenti Afri Comœdiæ (latest ed., 1898); ‘Fünfzig Artikel’ (1861). Consult Bursian, C., ‘Biographisches Jahrbuch für Altertumskunde’ (Vol. XXIII, 1901).