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Edition of 1920. See also Julius Fröbel on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FRÖBEL, Julius, German editor and politician, nephew of Friedrich Froebel (q.v.): b. 1805; d. 1893. He pursued his studies at Munich, Weimar and Berlin, and in 1833 was appointed professor of mineralogy in the industrial schools of Zürich, Switzerland, and was also editor of Der schweizerische Republikaner. He gave up his professorship after 11 years and engaged in publishing scientific works and political tracts at Zürich. He removed to Dresden in 1846, and in 1848 was one of the Democratic leaders and a member of the Frankfort Main National Assembly. During this troubled year he visited Vienna in the company of Robert Blum. He was arrested and condemned to death, but because of his great talents he received a pardon from Windischgrätz. He came to the United States in 1849 and edited a German journal in New York until 1850, when he went to Nicaragua, and was later engaged in commercial expeditions in Mexico. In 1855 he was editor of a San Francisco paper and returned to Germany in 1857. In 1862-73 he was editor of newspapers in Munich and Vienna. In the latter year he was appointed German Consul at Smyrna, was transferred to Algiers in 1876 and retired in 1890. He published ‘Aus Amerika’ (1857), translated (1859) by himself and issued under the title ‘Seven Years' Travel in Central America, Northern Mexico and the Far West’; ‘Die Wirtschaft des Menschengeaschlects’ (1870-76); ‘Ein Lebenslauf’ (1890-91) an autobiography.