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FRIESE, frē'zė, Richard, German painter: b. Gumbinnen, East Prussia, 15 Dec. 1854. He studied at Berlin, and traveled in the East, as well as northward within the Arctic Circle. He is now considered one of the best of German animal painters, and is equally successful in depicting the lion in the desert and the deer in a German forest. In 1886 he was awarded a gold medal by the Berlin Academy, of which body he was elected a member in 1892. His most famous works are ‘Lions Surprising a Sleeping Caravan’ (1884), in the Dresden Gallery; ‘On the Bredszell Moor’ (1895), in the Königsberg Museum; ‘Elks on Field of Battle’ (1890), in the National Gallery, Berlin; ‘A Twenty-pronged Stag under Way,’ owned by Emperor William II.