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FROBISHER BAY, an Arctic inlet, located approximately between 62° and 64° N. and between 65° and 69° W., and opening westward near the mouth of Davis Strait, between Cumberland Sound and Hudson Strait, at the southern end of Baffin Land in the Northwest Territory of Canada. It is about 240 miles long by above 20 wide, with rugged mountainous shores. It was discovered by Sir Martin Frobisher (q.v.), the English navigator, in 1576 and named after him. It was till Hall's voyage called Frobisher Strait, being erroneously regarded as a passage into Hudson Bay. Consult Collinson, R., ed., ‘The Three Voyages of Frobisher’ (in Hakluyt Society Publications, Vol. XXXV, London 1867); Hall, C. F, ‘Arctic Researches, etc., 1860-62’ (New York 1865); Porter, R. W., ‘Frobisher Bay Revisited’ (in American Geographical Society of New York, Journal, Vol. XXX, p. 97, New York 1898).