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GARRETT BIBLICAL INSTITUTE, the second oldest theological seminary of the Methodist Episcopal Church, located at Evanston, Ill. Although its plant is located on the campus of the Northwestern University it is not a department of the university. It has its own board of trustees, funds, property and library. It is, however, closely affiliated with the university. It was founded in 1855, through the liberality of Mrs. Eliza Garrett. Its first class graduated in 1858. It has had only six presidents in its long career: Dr. John Dempster, Bishop Matthew Simpson, Bishop W. Ninde, Dr. H. B. Ridgaway, Dr. Charles J. Little and Dr. Charles M. Stuart, the present incumbent. It has a faculty of 18 members, a student body in 1917-18 of 245. It has graduated 1,455 students and has had a total of over 3,700 students. Among its graduates and students are included nine bishops, 76 educators, 18 editors and 120 missionaries. It has not only prepared men for the Methodist ministry, but its men are serving in the Congregational, Presbyterian, Protestant Episcopal, Lutheran, Mcnnonite and other churches. In 1912 the school was divided into a Graduate School primarily for college men; and the Diploma School for men with less than collegiate training. In 1915 the quarter system was adopted, September being the only month when the seminary is not in session. In 1917 the first units of a new plant were erected which will ultimately cost a million dollars. The seminary owns considerable property in the city of Chicago. It has an endowment of over $948,000 and a library of 51,612 volumes.