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GERHARD, gār'härt, Eduard, German archæologist: b. Posen, 1795; d. 1867. He was educated at Breslau and Berlin, and after 1816 resided in the former city. He became professor at the Gymnasium of Posen in 1816 and remained there three years. Failing eyesight led to his resignation, and he set out for Italy. From 1822 to 1837 he resided in Rome and prosecuted there his archæological studies. He became archæologist of the Berlin Museum in 1837, became professor of the University there in 1844, and was made a member of the Royal Academy. He was one of the founders of the Institute di Corrispondenza Archeologica, later the Imperial German Archæological Institute. He gave a great impetus to archæological study by promoting an orderly classification and publishing seriatim important groups of monuments, artistic remains, etc. Many of his papers are found in the Gesammelte academische Abhandlungen und kleine Schriften’ (Berlin 1866-68). His published works include ‘Rapporto intorno i vasi Volcenti’ (1831); ‘Antike Bildwerke’ (1844); ‘Auserlesene griechische Vasenbilder’ (1839 et seq.); ‘Griechische und etruskische Trinkschalen’ (1843); ‘Etruskische und campanische Vasenbilder’ (1843); ‘Apulische Vasen’ (1846); ‘Trinkschalen und Gefässe’ (1850); ‘Etruskische Spiegel’ (4 vols., 1843-68; 5th vol. by Klugmann et al., 1897). Consult Jahn, ‘Eduard Gerhard, ein Lebensabriss’ (Berlin 1868), and Sandys ‘A History of Classical Scholarship’ (Vol. III, Cambridge 1908).