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GERHARDT (Fr. zhâ-rär'), Karl Friedrich, French chemist: b. Strassburg, 21 Aug. 1816; d. there, 19 Aug. 1856. He studied chemistry under Leibig at Giessen. In 1838 he went to Paris, where he lectured on chemistry, and there with his friend Cahours he commenced his researches on the essential oils. In 1844 he was appointed professor of chemistry at Montpcllier. About this time he published his ‘Summary of Organic Chemistry.’ In 1848 he resigned the chair and returned to Paris to devote his time and energies to chemical investigations. His works attracted world-wide attention, and resulted in his becoming, in 1855, professor of chemistry at Strassburg. His ideas and discoveries are embodied in his ‘Treatise on Organic Chemistry’ (1853-56). Consult Grimaux, ‘Charles Gerhardt’ (Paris 1900); Ostwald, ‘Grosse Männer (Leipzig 1909).