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GILDER, Joseph Benson, American journalist: b. Flushing, N. Y., 29 June 1858. After varied experience in journalism he with his sister, J. L. Gilder, established the Critic, of which he became an editor. In 1895 he was appointed literary adviser to the Century Company and subsequently literary representative of Dodd, Mead and Company in London. He was later American dispatch agent, London (1902-04); editor of Putnam's Magazine (1906-10) and of the New York Times ‘Review of Books’ (1910-11). Since 1914 he has been secretary of the Industrial Finance Corporation. He is also editor of ‘The American Idea’(1902) ; Andrew Carnegie's ‘Gospel of Wealth’ (1900); John Hays, ‘Addresses’ (1906); and James Russell Lowell's ‘Impressions of Spain’ (1899).