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GILMAN, Caroline Howard, American author: b. Boston, 8 Oct. 1794; d. Washington, D. C., 15 Sept. 1888. In 1819 she was married to the Rev. Samuel Gilman (q.v.) and removed with him to Charleston, S. C., where she began to edit in 1832 the Rosebud, a juvenile weekly newspaper, which subsequently took the name of the Southern Rose, and contained articles of much literary merit. From this periodical she reprinted at different times the "Recollections of a New England Housekeeper" (1835); "Recollections of a Southern Matron" (1836); "Ruth Raymond, or Love's Progress"; "Poetry of Traveling in the United States"; "Verses of a Lifetime"; "Mrs. Gilman's Gift Book"; and other volumes. The first two of these works attracted particular attention by their practical lessons as well as their genial simplicity and humor, and passed through many editions. She was especially successful, also, in her books for children.