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HAUPT, Lewis Muhlenberg, American engineer: b. Gettysburg, Pa., 21 March 1844. He was educated at Harvard and West Point. From 1872 to 1892 he was professor of civil engineering in the University of Pennsylvania, and for the year ending 1886 edited the Engineering Register. From 1897 to 1902 he was a member of the Nicaraguan and the Isthmian Canal commissions. His published works include ‘Working Drawings and How to Make and Use Them’ (1881); ‘Canals and Their Economic Relation to Transportation’ (1890); ‘A Move for Better Roads’ (1891); ‘The Transportation Crisis’; ‘The Nation and the Waterways’; ‘Mississippi River Problems’; ‘The New York Entrance,’ and many other pamphlets and contributions to engineering. He is the inventor of the ‘Reaction Breakwater’ for creating channels through ocean bars.