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HILLARD, hil'ạrd, George Stillman, American author and lawyer: b. Machias, Me., 22 Sept. 1808; d. Boston, 21 Jan. 1879. He was graduated from Harvard in 1828, and from the Harvard Law School four years later. He was a member of the Massachusetts senate in 1850, where his policy as a legislator was warmly commended by Daniel Webster; a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention in 1853; and United States district attorney in 1866-70. Though successful as a lawyer his tastes were largely literary; he was well known as a lecturer; was editor of the Christian Register with George Ripley, and associate editor of the Boston Courier; wrote ‘Six Months in Italy’ (1853); ‘Life of George Ticknor’ (with Mrs. Ticknor); ‘Life of George B. McClellan’ (1864), and edited a series of school readers which bore his name, and the works of Spenser.