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HITCHCOCK, Roswell Dwight, American Congregational clergyman: b. East Machias, Me., 15 Aug. 1817; d. Somerset, Mass., 16 June 1887. Graduated from Amherst College in 1836 and from the Andover Theological Seminary in 1838, he also studied at Halle and Berlin (1847), in 1845-52 was pastor of the First Congregational Church at Exeter, N. H., and in 1852-55 professor of revealed religion in Bowdoin College. In 1855 he became professor of church history at the Union Theological Seminary, of which institution he was elected president in 1880. He became president of the Palestine Exploration Society in 1871, and vice-president of the American Geological Society in 1880. An editor of the ‘American Theological Review’; he wrote ‘The Life, Character, and Writings of Edward Robinson’ (1863); ‘Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible’ (1869); and ‘Socialism’ (1879). With Eddy and Madge, he compiled ‘Carmina Sanctorum’ (1885); and ‘Eternal Atonement,’ a volume of sermons, appeared in 1888.