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HUGHES, Edwin Holt, American Methodist Episcopal bishop: b. Moundsville, W. Va., 7 Dec. 1866. After studying at the Ohio Wesleyan University and the theological department of Boston University, he became pastor at Newton Centre, Mass. (1892-96) and at Malden, Mass. (1896-1903). In the last-mentioned year he was appointed president of De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind., which position he occupied for five years, when he was called to the bishopric, with his residence at San Francisco. He was elected president of the State Teachers' Association of Indiana for the year 1904. His publications include ‘Letters on Evangelism’ (New York 1906); ‘Thanksgiving Sermons’ (1909); ‘The Teaching of Citizenship’ (1909); ‘A Boy's Religion’ (1914); ‘The Bible and Life’ (1914); Hauréau, J. B., ‘Les Œuvres de Hugues de Saint Victor’ (Paris 1886); Harnack, ‘Dogma’ (Vol. VI).