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Edition of 1920. See also Vatroslav Jagić on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

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JAGIĆ, ya'gich, Vatroslav, Slavic philologist: b. Warasdin, 1838. He received his education at the University of Vienna; taught for some time at Agram and in 1870 was appointed professor of comparative philology at Odessa. Four years later he became professor of Slavic philology at Berlin and in 1875 founded there the Archiv für Slavische Philologie. He removed to Saint Petersburg in 1880, succeeding Sresnevski at the university there and in 1886 to Vienna as professor of Slavonic philology. He retired in 1908. He is a member of the Serbian and Cracow academies and of the Academy of Saint Petersburg. He published a very great number of works on the history, language and literature of the Slavs and edited the ‘Slavic Philological Encyclopedia’ (Saint Petersburg 1909 et seq.).