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JAYNE, Horace, American scientist: b. Philadelphia, 5 March 1859; d. 9 July 1913. He was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1879, received his M.D. there in 1882, and later studied at the University of Leipzig and under Haeckel at Jena. He became professor of biology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1884, and in 1894-1905 he was professor of zoology and director of the Wistar Institute of Anatomy there. He was secretary of the biological faculty at the University of Pennsylvania in 1884-89, and dean of the collegiate faculty in 1889-94, when he resigned to accept an appointment as one of the trustees at Drexel Institute. Author of many scientific papers and ‘Abnormalities Observed in the North American Coleoptera’ (1880); ‘Mammalian Anatomy’ (1898); etc.