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JOHNSON, Owen, American author: b. New York, 27 Aug. 1878. He is a son of Robert Underwood Johnson and was graduated at Yale in 1901. His story of school life ‘The Varmint’ (1910), with its boyish high spirits, cleverness and wholesomeness, is perhaps his best work. ‘Stover at Yale’ (1911), a college story, frank in its criticisms of certain phases of life at Yale, aroused a storm of controversy. He has also written ‘Arrows of the Almighty’ (1901); ‘In the Name of Liberty’ (1905); ‘Max Fargus’ (1906); ‘The Eternal Boy’ (1909); ‘The Humming Bird’ (1910); ‘Tennessee Shad’ (1911); ‘The Sixty-first Second’ (1912); ‘The Salamander’ (1914), later dramatized; ‘Murder in Any Degree’ (1914); ‘Making Money’ (1914); ‘The Woman Gives’ (1915). He also wrote the plays ‘The Comet’ (1908); ‘Comedy for Wives’ (1912), and an adaptation from the French, ‘The Return from Jerusalem’ (1912); ‘Virtuous Wives’ (1918).