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JUNIUS, yoo'nē-ŭs, Franciscus, known as The Younger, German philologist: b. Heidelberg, 1589; d. 1677. The boy was brought to Leyden when three years old and there he was educated under his brother-in-law, Gerhard Vossius, a noted philologist. In 1821 he went to England, where he became librarian to the Earl of Arundle, a position he held for 30 years. During these and following years be devoted his time to study, research and writing. Among his works are ‘De Pictura Veterum’ (with an English version, 1637); ‘The Gothic Gospels of Ulfilas’ (1665); and ‘Glossarium Goticum’ (1664-65). This latter is in five languages. These and other valuable manuscripts of his are in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.