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Junker, Wilhelm
Edition of 1920. See also Wilhelm Junker on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

JUNKER, yŭn'kĕr, Wilhelm, Russian explorer: b. Moscow, 1840; d. 1892. Educated at Saint Petersburg, Göttingen, Berlin and Prague, be visited Iceland (1869), Western Africa (1873), Tunis (1874), lower Egypt (1875), and went up the Blue Nile to Khartum (1876). After three years spent in this region, he returned to Europe, but went back the following year (1879) to continue his explorations at the head waters of the Nile. In 1886, after numerous adventures, he reached Zanzibar. On his return to Germany he published ‘Reisen in Afrika’ (Vienna 1889-91), in which he gives an account in three volumes of his travels and adventures.