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KÖCKLY, kȯck'lǐ, Hermann, German philologist: b. Leipzig, 5 Aug. 1815; d. Trieste, 3 Dec. 1876. He studied at Leipzig, taught at the Saalfeld Progymnasium (1837) and at the Dresden Kreuzschule (1840). He fled to Brussels (1849) on account of his participation in the May insurrection, and was appointed professor of classical philology at Zürich (1851), and at Heidelberg (1864). He was a member of the Reichstag (1871-73) where he attached himself to the Progressive party. He wrote useful works on the Grecian epics and ancient military writers. To the first belong critical essays on Quintus Smyrnæus (Leipzig 1830); ‘Hesiod,’ in collaboration with Kinkel (1870); and an edition of 'Aratus, Manethonis, Maximi et aliorum astrologica' (Paris 1851); an edition of the text of ‘Apostelesmata’ (Leipzig 1858); ‘Dionysiaca of Nonnos’ (ib. 1858), also seven dissertations on ‘De Iliadis carminibus’ (Zürich 1850-59); ‘De diversis Hesiodeæ Theogoniæ partibus’ (Zürich 1860); three dissertations on ‘De Odysseæ carminibus’ (ib. 1862-63); ‘Opuscula epica IV’ (ib. 1864). On ancient military subjects were ‘Geschichte des Griechischen Kriegswissens’ (Aarau 1852); ‘Grieschische Kriegsschriftstelles’ (Leipzig 1853-55); ‘Enleitung in Cäsars Kommentarien über den gallischen Krieg’ (Gotha 1857); ‘Onosandri de imperatoris officio Liber’ (Leipzig 1860). Others of his works are editions of Arrian's ‘Anabasis’ (1861); ‘Euripides’ and ‘Iphigenia in Taurien’ (1863); ‘Medea’ (1867), and capital translations, especially of Cæsar, Aæschylus, etc. A collection of his smaller works is found in his ‘Opuscula academica’ (Leipzig 1853-56); ‘Akademische Vorträge und Reden’ (Zürich 1856); ‘Opuscula philologica’ (Leipzig 1881-82). Consult Hug, ‘Hermann Köckly’ (Basle 1878); Böckel, ‘Hermann Köckly, ein Bild seines Lebens und seiner Persönlichkeit’ (Heidelberg 1904).