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KÖRNER, kėr'nėr, Christian Gottfried, German jurist and intimate of Schiller: b. Leipzig, 2 July 1756; d. Berlin, 13 May 1831. He studied law at Göttingen and Leipzig and took his degrees in the latter. He then traveled abroad (1779), was appointed councillor of the Consistorial Court at Leipzig (1781), chief judge of the Court of Appeals (1790), privy referendarius in the Privy Council (1798), and was then returned to the Court of Appeals (1811). His strong tendency toward science and art made his home the rendezvous of prominent men in this sphere. He was one of the most trusted and influential friends of Schiller, who resided (1785-87) on his Loschwitz vineyard or his home at Dresden. While Leipzig was under the occupation of the Russian army he was created government councillor, and was appointed (1815) Privy Councillor of the Prussian Ministry of the Interior, becoming Privy Councillor in Chief. He instigated the first edition of Schiller's works with a biographical sketch (Stuttgart 1812-15). Among his well-known works are ‘Æsthetische Ansichten’ (Leipzig 1808); ‘Versuche über Gegenstände der innern Stadtsverwaltung’ (Dresden 1812); ‘Deutschlands Hoffnungen’ (Leipzig 1813). Of much importance are his ‘Schillers Briefwechsel mit Körner’ (Berlin 1847), enlarged edition by Goedeke (Leipzig 1874); ‘Briefe Wilhelm von Humboldts an Körner,’ issued by F. Jonas (Berlin 1879). His collected works, ‘Gesammelte Schriften,’ together with a biography, were published by A. Stern (Leipzig 1881). Consult Jonas, ‘Christian Gottfried Körner, biographischer Nachrichten über ihn und sein Haus’ (Berlin 1882); Weber, W., ‘Briefe der Familie Körner’ (in Deutsche Rundschau, Vols. XV-XVI).