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KELLERMANN, François Chistophe, frȧṅ swä krēs-tōf kĕl'lėr-män (originally Georg Michael Kellermann), Duke of Valmy, French marshal: b. Wolfsbuchweiler-an-der-Tauber, Bavaria, 28 May 1735; d. 12 Sept. 1820. He entered the Conflans Legion as a hussar in 1752 and engaged in the first campaigns of the Seven Years' War. In 1792 he received the command of the army of the Moselle, formed a junction in September with the main army under Dumouriez and sustained 20 Sept. 1792 the celebrated attack of the Duke of Brunswick. In the following wars of France Kellermann received various general commands. He became marshal of France in 1804 and Duke of Valmy in 1809. After the Bourbon restoration he was appointed a member of the Chamber of Peers, where he espoused the Liberal side.