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KENNEDY, Grace, Scottish novelist: b. Pipmore, Ayrshire, 1782; d. 1825. Her novels which are of a decidedly religious caste, were very popular in her day, though now when the age has become more liberal, they have lost most of their interest and are very little read. Her works which have been translated in full into German, and in part, into several other languages, show considerable talent and depict the religious spirit of her age in Scotland very well. They will, therefore, be of a secondary interest at least, to students of the religious tendencies of the first quarter of the 19th century. Her most popular story, ‘Father Clement’ (1823) is strongly anti-Roman Catholic, and for this reason and on account of the vividness of the characters and situations, became immensely popular and was translated into most of the languages of Europe. Among her other novels are ‘Anna Ross’; ‘Dunallan’; ‘Jessy Allan,’ and ‘Decision.’ The best edition of her works is that published in Edinburgh in 1827.