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KENT, Charles Foster, American Biblical scholar: b. Palmyra, N. Y., 13 Aug. 1867. He was graduated at the universities of Yale (1889) and Berlin (1892), and the following year became an instructor in the University of Chicago. In 1895 he was elected professor of Biblical literature and history at Brown University, a position which he held until 1901. He is at present Woolsey professor of Biblical literature at Yale University. Among his writings are ‘Outlines of Hebrew History’ (1895); ‘The Wise Men of Ancient Israel and Their Proverbs’ (1895); ‘History of the Hebrew People, the United Kingdom’ (1896); ‘History of the Hebrew People, the Divided Kingdom’ (1899); ‘Messages of the Earlier Prophets’ (1899); ‘Messages of the Later Prophets’ (1900); ‘Israel's Historical and Biographical Narratives’ (1905); ‘Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament’ (1906; 1912); ‘Israel's Laws and Traditional Precedents’ (1907); ‘The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History’ (1908; 1912); ‘The Kings and Prophets of Israel and Judah’ (1912); ‘The Makers and Teachers of Judaism’ (1911); ‘Biblical Geography and History’ (1911); ‘Life and Teachings of Jesus According to the Earliest Records’ (1913); ‘The Songs, Hymns and Prayers of the Old Testament’ (1914); ‘Testing of a Nation's Ideals,’ with J. W. Jenks (1915).