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KINGSLEY, James Luce, American scholar and educationalist: b. Scotland, Conn., 1778; d. 1852. Graduated from Yale he soon became a teacher there and, in 1805, first professor of ancient languages, a position he retained for 26 years, during which he raised his department to one of the most progressive in the college. On his retirement from active duty as the head of the department he had created, he retained the title of professor of Latin until his death. He was one of the best authorities of his day in American history, though his many duties prevented him giving attention to literature and especially to historical composition, which his lectures showed he might have made a success. Among his published works are ‘A History of Yale College’ (1835); and ‘Ezra Stiles’ (a biography of the president of Yale College, published in Sparks' ‘American Biography’). Consult sketch of his life by D. C. Gilman.