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Kirchwey, George Washington

Edition of 1920. See also George W. Kirchwey on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KIRCHWEY, George Washington, American writer on legal subjects: b. Detroit, Mich., 3 July 1855. Graduated in law from Yale University, he practised his profession in Albany, N. Y., for 10 years (1882-91), where he was dean of the Albany Law School and professor of law in Union University (1889-91). On leaving Albany he became professor of law in Columbia University (1891-1901), dean of the law school there (1901-10), and Kent professor of law Columbia University (1902-16), warden of Sing Sing Prison (1916). Professor Kirchwey has been president of numerous societies of note, legal and otherwise, among them the American Peace Society, American Society of International Law and the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, and he has contributed extensively to legal, technical and other magazines. At the close of 1918 he was appointed director of the United States Employment Service for New York State. Among his published works are ‘Historical Manuscripts of the State of New York’ (which he edited, 1887-89); ‘Readings in the Law of Real Property’ (1900); ‘Select Cases and other Authorities on the Law of Mortgage’ (1901).