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KNACKFUSS, knack'foos, Hermann, German artist and writer on art: b. Wissen, Rhenish Prussia, 11 Aug. 1848. He studied in the Düsseldorf Academy (1865-69); went through the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71); then continued art study under E. Bendemann, later under E. von Gebhardt. He won the state prize (1874) which paid for his studies at Rome (1875-78). He taught anatomy in the Cassel Academy (1880) and history of art (1890). His noted works are ‘Battle of Mühldorf’ (belonging to the Kaiser); ‘Battle of Turin,’ in Berlin Zeughaus; mural decorations in the Potsdam Treppenhaus of the officers' casino; ‘Entry of the Kaiser and Kaiserin into Jerusalem’ (1902); a ‘Holy Family’ altar picture in the Fulda Cathedral (1893); mural decorations in the Wohlau (Silesia) Gymnasium author of the following works, among others: ‘Deutsche Kunstgeschichte’ (1888); for the serial Kunstlermonographien he has contributed articles on Raphael, Rembrandt Rubens, Michelangelo, Dürer, Murillo, Holbein, Titian, Velazquez, Frans Hall, van Dyck, Menzel, etc.