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KNIGHT, Edward Henry, American mechanical expert: b. London, England, 1 June 1824; d. Bellefontaine, Ohio, 22 Jan. 1883. After studying both surgery and steel engraving he came to this country in 1845 and settling in Cincinnati was a patent attorney for several years. In 1863 be entered the civil service in Washington, D. C., where he prepared the annual reports of the Patent Office and established and edited the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office in 1871. He served on the international juries of world's fairs at Philadelphia (1876), Paris (1878), Atlanta (1881), and was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1878. He published ‘The American Mechanical Dictionary’ (1872-76); ‘The New Mechanical Dictionary’ (1876-80); ‘A Study of the Savage Weapons at the Centennial Exhibition’ (in Smithsonian Institution, Annual Reports, 1879, p. 213, Washington 1880).